Blog Vs Book: Is It Better To Start A Blog Or Write A Book?

Mary has been a chatterbox for as long as we can remember. She loves expressing herself so much that when there is no one around, she writes in her journal. Quiet inspiring, right?

We think she has a commendable talent and must make the most of it by turning it into an around-the-clock profession. Moreover, to jog your memory, let us recall the fact that writers are magicians. They make the readers see the world through their eyes.

Sometimes, the words come out as poems and sometimes as prose. However, in whichever form it is, it is beyond perfect, and so are Mary’s skills. They need to be put to work so that they can develop with time. However, it is her choice where she wants to aim her efforts.

Navigating through a series of stuff that she can manoeuvre her energy and talent through, we have reached a point of debate. It is called Blog vs Book writing. There must be a million questions in your head at this point. So, do not shy away. Let us move across the path of finding answers, together.

Addressing The Dispute – Blog Vs Book

Beginning with the ability of a text to be skimmed in a matter of seconds. This is the most relevant feature as of 2024 when people do not have enough time to give everything a thorough read. They just scan the subheadings and pointers. However, there is a lot more that positions a standard differentiation between the two formats. Have a look:

A variety of all types of pronounsWritten in personal pronouns
Word count beyond a thousandWord count between 500-1000
Focus on the main characterFocus on keyword
Based on facts and fantasiesMajorly based on opinions
Descriptive WritingConversational tone
There is no set limit for illustrationsIncludes a minimum number of images
Written for solitary consumptionInvites audience participation

This was a basic sketch of what we are now diving deeper into, so are you ready? We need this detailed analysis to determine whether books or blogs are a decent idea. The following factors will also help Mary in making the final decision.

  1. Determining Purpose

To decide between book writing and blogging, Mary first needs to sort out her goals. She needs to begin considering what her aim is to achieve. Does she want to build a fan following of her own and wants to cover diverse topics? Then, she is looking for a regular commitment to her audience.

Whereas, if her goal is to create a multiverse and become the powerful owner of it, then she needs to explore some explicit subjects like romantic comedies, historical fiction and detective mysteries.

  • The Range of Content

The incessant debate of Blog vs Book has another argument. It says that her decision needs to be backed up by the content range that she can offer. If she can commit to an uninterrupted flow of content that also has frequently revised versions, then online columns are the right choice.

However, if she thinks she is skilful enough to pull off meticulous content, then she must go for being an author. Moreover, she needs to do the required research and create well-structured content that is easy to comprehend.

  • Audience Engagement

Moving on to the succeeding consideration, Mary needs to include client engagement in her thought process. If she is looking forward to having direct communication with them, then blogs are fine. They will allow her to get immediate feedback and help foster a community of similar interests.

On the contrary, a novelist is deprived of all this socialising. He is not in any sort of direct interaction with the client except that they pay to read his thoughts. However, little do people know that this minimal interaction also means a lot when it comes to leaving an impact.

  • Resources Available

Next up is the big talk. Talk of resources, both money and time. The rule is simple. If Mary can afford to pay for the editing, proofreading and book publishing CA services, then she may proceed to become an author. However, if not, then she is left with two options. Either she can find a way to pay or start blog writing for now.

If she chooses the path with a lower investment, then she needs to be very active. The blogging audience is always in search of updated content. This format requires ongoing efforts and long-term commitment.

  • Monetisation and Reach

The final argument is about the income streams of both occurrences. Beginning with the online columns that bring her the opportunity of affiliate marketing. Moreover, they use SEO and keywords to grab virtual traffic, which is very profitable.

Alternatively, the book brings you royalties. It is the amount that the publisher will pay Mary, as the author, based on a fixed percentage. In addition, as the novelist, she also gets to have speaking opportunities, and the reliability of her readers is a gift.  

Hence, the bottom line is that you must consider every hint wisely and then decide what aligns with your financial and professional goals profusely.

How About Combining The Best Aspects Of Both…

Although, we have a question. Why cannot you have the cake and eat it too? Why always choose one? Why not both simultaneously? We are sure there will be some management issues in this regard, but we are also sure that this will open paths to diverse benefits.

Therefore, the debate of Blog vs Book stops here, and now we shall see whether we can score a success in this or not. Think of it this way. The world is a blank canvas, and you are the painter. Would you paint selectively or spread colours everywhere in every form? Of course, the artist in you wants to display its talent at the top of the shelf. So, do not limit yourself.

If you love writing, then let the world see how glorious of a magician you are. Let everyone know what limits you are capable of crossing if you are given creative freedom.

Where to begin?

Mary needs to have consistent energy because it takes weeks and sometimes months to get the hang of something. Moreover, the accumulation of funds is not a very trivial task. It also takes longer at times; therefore, she needs to be aware of her situation first.

Imagine she does not have the funds and agrees to write ghost blogs first. It will help her gather both – money and experience. Not only will this polish her skills, but it will also help create a fan base which will support her in the future when she launches a book. She can also do decent experiments with the audience to understand their response.

However, she might take a loan and cash her writing skills by publishing and selling the books. Publishing a book first will help her gain credibility, and then when she writes anything on social media platforms, people will rely on it.

Thus, you can begin wherever you want. You are free and wise enough to pave the way yourself. However, every master needs a plan, so never make the mistake of not having a structural layout for your moves. In addition, you must never underestimate the power of a contingency plan.

  • Which is the most laborious job out of the two?

Book writing is usually more work because of research, strategic planning, and extensive time speculation than a blog. Novel writing is comparatively a more elaborate task with many considerations.

  • What are some interesting topics for each field?

Topics for Books:

  • Travelogues
  • Murder Mystery
  • Self-Empowerment
  • A Biography

Topics for Blogs:

  • Tech Review
  • Showbiz News
  • Financial Literacy
  • Places to Visit Once
  • Which route allows me to have better creative freedom?

Writing a fictional script allows your creative juices to flow more than an online column. It has better room for imagination and aids covering broader spectrums. However, the blogs are also not fully bland. They, too, give you the freedom of innovation.

  • What are the initial costs linked with both formats?

The initial cost of penning down an online column is just the digital setup expenses, such as a computer and an internet device. On the other hand, a novelist also comes across the same cost until he proceeds to the publishing phase.

Closing Thoughts

So far, in the struggle of Blog vs Book, we think we do not have a winner. Both the writing formats are equally magnificent. Even if we put their pros and cons to weigh in the balances, then they will be, to some extent, the same.

Hence, the point is that the action does not matter as much as the intentions behind it. If you like the shorter and more frequent content writing, then be it. Do what you enjoy, and your mind will figure out a way to support that choice.

So start today and make a habit of writing every day without pauses. Make a schedule or timeline and follow it religiously if you want to achieve the purpose you started for in the beginning. The hard work will pay off, no matter what.

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