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You've only got a glance to captivate your audience. Use that time wisely with BookPublishingCanada.ca - Toronto's most trusted custom book cover creator. We help you impress your readers with unique and captivating covers that sell themselves.

Our affordable book cover design has made seasoned and amateur authors thrive online on multiple platforms.

  • Made by professional book cover artists.
  • Compelling 2D and 3D designs you want.
  • Front and back customized to the story.
Get An Eye-Catching Cover At C$199!

We craft beautiful covers that never hurt your pocket.

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Our Book Cover Design Only Costs C$199

There are many book cover design companies in Canada, but the author still put their finger on ours. Why? We're the best book cover design service in Toronto that understands the nitty-gritty of designing.

Striking Graphics – We keep you miles apart from boring and bland covers. Instead, our unique graphics and illustrations would be creative enough to get the most grabs.

Incredible Fonts – Staying away from too many fonts is our motto. We keep your fonts classy, which complements your genre. Focusing on size and readability is our thing.

Unique Color Palette – We let the suitable tones seep out on the cover. Keeping your genre and theme in mind, our book cover page maker will spread the shades that match.

Intriguing Layout – Our book layout design services keep a beautiful blend of words andgraphics that fits the given dimensions. Be it the cover or interior, we adjust them all.

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Our Talented Book Cover Designers Gives A Quick Peek Of Your Book

No matter how much you say, 'You don't judge the book by its cover' – you still do. That's why our famous book cover designers are ready to make your book the next best-selling title with engaging graphics.

Our professional book cover artists are available for hire, so they'll give you a trailer of what your book is all about. Your readers will get the scoop on the characters and theme without getting the spoiler of the plot.

Hire Cover Designersor
Byron Spencer
Byron Spencer
Patricia Houde
Patricia Houde
Iris Collins
Iris Collins
Erica Saunders
Erica Saunders

This Book Cover Design Agency in Canada is Full of Features

Cheap & Fair Price
Cheap & Fair Price

Give your books some intriguing covers at a budget-friendly cost.

Days Fast Delivery
2 Days Fast Delivery

Whether illustration or images, we do any in only a few days.

Guaranteed Results
Guaranteed Results

Your book will surely get the most grabs, regardless of the genre.

Complete Ownership
Complete Ownership

Be the real owner of the cover with a royalty-free one-time fee.

Infinite Free Revisions
Infinite Free Revisions

Don't like any part? You can always get free tweaks at any time.

Stress-Free Process
Stress-Free Process

We keep a transparent process free from any kind of hassle.

Get Award-Winning Outlook with Our Book Cover Designs Maker!

It's no rocket science that a great cover can instantly make your readers fall for your book. We use that opportunity in our favor by letting our book cover design maker dump their creativity on the front page. Whether Reedsy or Kindle, our graphics will give you the most picks across Ottawa and Vancouver platforms.

Since their book cover illustrators were open for hire, they customized it for me. It was creative, and I felt an instant connection!

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'Book Cover Creator's Has Surge The Picks' – Canadian Author Reviews

The positive words of happy clients are enough for a delightful day. That's only possible with our unstoppable efforts and commitment, making even New York's best-sellers fall for us. Check out what they have to say:

They have the best book cover designers for self-publishers. I gave them some inspiration, and they crafted an extremely engaging cover. My readers love the vibe of it.

I was a bit reluctant since it was my first time using a 3D book cover design online. However, the results were amazing at cheap rates. My books sold a whopping 5K in only Edmonton.

I'm a fan of their storytelling aspect. Their comic book covermaker did my book, and trust me, it was perfection. From illustrations to font, everything went well with the theme and story.

I needed one tweak in the title, and their book cover editor did that in just 24 hours. That was the fastest I have ever seen. Plus, their prices were highly affordable and budget-friendly.

From book publishing to designing, no one comes near its competition. Their service is fast and reliable and never takes any royalties. I'm literally obsessed with the quality of the covers!

They did my romance book cover last year in Montreal, which looked fantastic. The colors seemed almost unreal and handmade. It turned out much better than expected. Fantastic!

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Publish A Novel With Us To Unlock Your Manuscript To The Fullest

You might have written a masterpiece that’s all set to be published and create thunder in the literary world. But self-publishing a novel without any professional assistance can be a sure way towards failure! Hence, it’s better to trust us with publishing a novel to the manuscript to the fullest.

Romance or Fiction: Ca's EBook Cover Design Services Covers Every Genre

Have you dug countless websites but returned empty-handed because of the limited genre? That's a real struggle. It's time to relax because your 'book cover designers near me' search has taken you to the right place. Whether romance or thriller, our book cover designers craft compelling pages. We literally have no bounds over any genre. Be it fantasy, memoir, or non-fiction, we do it all.

Ca's Book Cover Creator Does Absolute Customization From Front To Back

A great book isn't just about a perfect story. The actual success comes from a captivating cover. That's where we prosper. Our book cover designer customizes your cover entirely from front to back and spine. It's 100% original and tailored to your genre, theme and storyline. That's not it. Even if you like our samples or premade book covers, we'll customize that for your tale.

Our Creative EBook Cover Design Makes You Worth The Most Picks!

Is your life tangled in the search for 'creative book designers near me? Then here comes the good news: We've what you're looking for. Our 2D and 3D book cover makers will design your book with riveting graphics. We only use copyright-free stock images and captivating illustrations so your book becomes irresistible to the audience. Precisely, we love perfecting your last step towards improved sales.

Keep 100% Profits In Your Pockets With Ca's Book Cover Design Company

Every click on the internet will lead you to book cover design websites. But it's unfortunate that most of them deceive you with the royalty trap. Not anymore since we're here. Our agency is the most reliable as we only request royalty-free payment. That affordable and one-time fee will unlock the complete ownership of the book. You can go for a book printer or publishing; it's 100% your business!

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