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You can trust our skills for online book publishing because we have that secret recipe to make every publication successful. We go beyond the ordinary and deliver extraordinary results.

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We Are Canadian Publishers – The Friend Every Book Author Needs

The trend of ditching traditional publishing by authors is on the rise for many reasons. The most common ones are a higher rejection rate, slow processing, and involvement of multiple technicalities. Self-publishing is getting more and more popular as it presents greater opportunities.

We are the leading book publishing company in Canada that is accepting submissions and can take your drafts over the finish line. You will be guided through all the steps to publishing a book. The best part is that we do not ask for any share in royalties or profit and hand over the ownership rights to the authors.

Publishing Your Own Book Is Now A Matter Of Few Simple Steps

Self-publishing a book on Amazon might seem like a tiring process, but you can skip that hassle with our support. From editing to publication and distribution, it takes only six steps for our team to bring success to your doorstep.

01 Fill The Client Brief

You have to get in touch with our team and share complete details about your project. We cannot start the publication process until our experts have all the necessary information that is required for publishing.

02 Manuscript Evaluation

Our team of self-book publishers analyzes the whole draft and reviews it thoroughly. It helps us in deciding whether your manuscript can be published straight away or not. If not, we will make the required arrangements.

03 Polishing The Draft

If the client approves our recommendation and decides to acquire our support with proofreading and editing, we will refine and polish the whole draft to make it flawless and free from all kinds of errors.

04 Designers At Work

If the cover of your book is not ready or the layout is all messed up, we can help you out with that too. Our design team will uplift the aesthetic appeal of your manuscript so it can attract more readers.

05 Let's Move To Publishing

Our online book publishing services will make your story accessible to readers from all across the globe. The strategic implementation of publication strategies will ensure that your project does not end up as a failure.

06 Enjoy The Success

The biggest benefit of publishing your own book with our help is that you will get to enjoy royalties with no cuts at all. Once the publication starts making sales, it will be yours completely.

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Best Book Publishers Who Are Cherished By Canadian Authors

Whether you acquire our ebook publishing or book printing services, excellence remains constant in everything we do. Therefore, we can be the one-stop solution for all your literary needs.

Enjoy Affordable Brilliance Without Sharing Profits
The biggest perk of working with our self-book publishers is that you do not have to split your profit with anyone. Whatever your book earns will be yours. Moreover, the cost we charge for publishing a book is also pretty affordable.
A Dream Team Of Pro Canadian Publishers
This is a dream spot for new book authors to get publishing help, as we have several veteran publishers on board who are familiar with all the nuances that come along the publication journey. Their valuable insights can come in handy.
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Need Help With Publishing A Book? Your Wish Is Our Command!

Feeling tired after writing so many words? Take a breather and leave the rest of the work on our shoulders. We are equally good at publishing as you are at writing. Together, we can launch a masterpiece that can win the hearts of every reader.

Our online book publishing company has been in operation for more than a decade. There are thousands of successful publications and bestsellers of the NY Times in our legendary portfolio. Your manuscript can also join that elite list.

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We are ranked among the best self-publishing companies in Canada because of our diversity and expertise in all genres. From poetry to fantasy, comics, art books, photo books, and children's books, our services cover all these categories. We receive orders from all over the country, including Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Ottawa, Edmonton, Mississauga, Waterloo, Banff, Winnipeg, Brampton, Vancouver, and Quebec City.

Get ready to witness literary greatness with Canada's most skilled ebook publishers. No one will be able to stop your publication from becoming a bestseller.

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Book Publishing Services Rated Highly By Canadian Authors

It is understandable that publishing your own book is a nervous phase for authors. Trusting any external source with your publication takes guts. However, we know how to win the trust of our customers. You can give these reviews from our satisfied clients a good read and hire our publishers with complete confidence.

It took me so long to complete my story, but I got stuck at the last stage. I would like to thank these professionals for helping me out. If you need help with self-publishing a book, these experts are must-try.

This website covers the most self-publishing platforms in Canada. They published my novel on more than six sites like Amazon, Lulu, Blurb, and several others. Also, they were pretty quick with their services.

I was looking for some reliable book publishers near me because this publication was very dear to me. The way this firm managed the whole publishing process was pretty impressive. It was surely a satisfactory experience.

Out of all the self-acclaimed best book publishing companies in Canada, this website is my favorite one. They treat their customers with honesty and respect the vision of an author. My latest release is doing pretty good.

There are so many steps to publishing a book, and you cannot miss any. Thankfully, I do not have to worry about that, as these professionals handle everything on my behalf. You can only expect brilliance from them.

The cost of publishing a book no longer scares me since I have this firm by my side. They charge a minimal amount for making such a complex process smooth and stress-free. Highly recommended to all!

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Book Publishing House In Canada Fulfilling Authorship Dreams

Your dream of becoming a published author is about to become a reality. We are here to make your authorship journey less stressful by offering our online book publishing services. Transparency is the highlight of our work as we keep our customers involved and give them complete authority over the publication process.

Get Our Help In Self-Publishing A Book In Canada To Power Up Your Literary Dreams

If you are experiencing any difficulty in writing and publishing a book, then we are here to power up your literary dreams. As far as ebook publishing is concerned, we cater to all the leading platforms that are present. From Amazon Kindle to Ingram Spark, Barnes & Noble, Lulu, Kobo, and Blurb, we can publish and market your manuscript on any of your desired platforms. We have dedicated experts specializing in each one of them.

Book Publishing Services In Canada That Will Set You Up For Literary Success

You have not written a book just to keep it in your drafts. It deserves to get published and enjoy popularity and recognition. We can be the ideal partners you can find for online book publishing, whether you are a novice writer or a seasoned author. Our client base includes authors of all experience levels. The reason why so many Canadians trust us with their publications is we deal in every single genre that exists.

Make Your Next Release Successful With The Best Book Publishers In Canada

Self-publishing a book on Amazon or any other platform is also not a walk in the park. It has its complexities and challenges, but you can trust our Canadian ebook publishers to make this process a breeze for you. We will set up a perfect platform for your next release so it can make all the headlines just like our previous publications, which turned out to be NY's bestsellers and broke all the sales records.

The First Pick Of Canadian Authors For Self-Publishing In Toronto

You will find several book publishing websites in Canada, but none of them can offer comprehensive support for online publication like we do. First of all, we make your draft ready for printing and publishing by editing and proofreading it. Once all the errors are fixed, we format it in a professional way and fix the layout. Our artistic team will design the book cover, and after that, your chartbuster will be published in a grand manner.

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Book Publishing Canada is a firm that operates from Toronto and offers independent authors full-fledged assistance to get their manuscript published.

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