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Are you struggling with making your story out? Reach out to BookPublishingCanada.ca – Toronto's reliable children's picture book publishers that halt all your hassles by taking charge of your distribution. We help you take your tales to the young ones.

Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple Books, or any platform, our children's book publishers will land you there.

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Amazing Kids Book Publishing Only Costs C$499 !

Publishing a children's book on Amazon or any other platform is now easy. But that's only the case if you go for our children's book publishers. It's not just publishing; our services have got more.

Formatting – Get ready to give your manuscript a transformation. From its layout to alignment and everything in between, we'll spruce it up to make your tale appealing.

Proofreading – Give your little readers a great reading experience with an error-free story. No faults or mistakes can stand our strict QA as we swear on elevating accuracy.

Designing – Your competition will get the stress sweats as we turn up the heat with captivating covers. Illustration or graphics, we do it all to give your book the most picks.

Publishing – Forget distribution troubles, as our Canadian book publishers are ready to take you to the largest book platforms. Name any leading store; your wish is our command.

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Publishing A Children's Book Is A Chaos But Our Experts Can Cool It Down!

It's nothing new – self-publishing children's books is much complex than it seems. Even if you go past that, the odds of hitting the best seller's section are slim. Don't worry; we'll break that bad luck spell.

The secret lies in our children's book publishing company. Our publishing efforts are strong enough to grab you a best seller's title. You'll undoubtedly be the next 'Margaret Atwood' of children's space.

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Charlotte Kelly
Charlotte Kelly
Lyle Hache
Lyle Hache
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Helen Leduc
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Alícia Larochelle

Publishing Children's Book With Us Unlocks Infinite Features

Royalty-Free Services
Royalty-Free Services

Never share your profits ever again, as we charge a one-time fee.

2x Swift Distribution
2x Swift Distribution

Your book will conquer the legit platforms in a matter of a few days.

Transparent Process
Transparent Process

There's nothing hidden from you, as our processes are an open book.

Robust Client Support
Robust Client Support

Our specialists will keep you posted about everything till the end.

Incredibly Cheap Prices
Incredibly Cheap Prices

Just pay peanuts to sit on the throne of Montreal's best sellers.

Improved Sale Number
Improved Sale Number

Hitting record sales is now possible with our smart distribution.

Newbie Or Seasoned, Our Children's Book Publishing Agents Are Author's #1 Choice!

Every author that looks up 'children's book publishers near me' ends at our website. Whether you're new to the league or a seasoned author, our children's picture book publishers will help you to be found by kids. Get ready to be wiped out by our readers in a snap. When experts claim, it happens!

Their professionals have helped me hit Amazon in a few days. I can't believe my kid's book is hitting the best-selling chart overnight!

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Best Canadian Book Publishers' – Reviews By Best Selling Authors!

We not only work with newbie authors, but many of our clients are New York's best sellers. If we can impress them, you'll also return with a delightful face. Here's a bonus tip: The first step to publishing a children's book is to choose us!

Their independent children's book publishers made my journey stress-free. My kid's book was up on Amazon on 4th day. Plus, the prices were super affordable. Fantastic!

I went for them as they were one of the biggest children's book publisher's platforms. I initially intended for Amazon, but they offered me a cheap deal on other platforms. Great!

My 'comic book publishing near me' search took me to their website. My experience with themwas great, so I decided to choose them for the kid's book, too. They did it all in 4 days.

For children's book self-publishing, I only recommend them. Their Vancouver team is professional, and they keep you in the loop. The distribution was done before the deadline.

Of the children's book publishing companies I have worked with in Ottawa, they were the best. Services were speedy, and they never took royalties. Plus, they are budget-friendly.

After placing the order, I was worried about who will publish my children's book. But their publishers were great. They edited my book, too, for the cheapest prices. Loved them!

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Promote Your Book With Our Canadian Experts Because Your Book Deserves To Be Read

We are among the most experienced Canadian book marketing companies in the market. Since 2010, our book marketing agency has helped millions of authors to promote their books across every platform! Whether you are a self-publisher, first-time author, or well-known author, you can confidently tell us to 'market my book'.

Publishing Children's Book At First Attempt Is What We Excel At In Canada

A quick heads up if you're getting into the self-publishing journey – it will be full of rejections. Fighting off distribution hassles might not be your expertise. But we excel in that domain. Our book publishers are known to transform your chaos into a breeze. From perfecting the formats to fulfilling the criteria, we'll release your book on your desired platforms without a rebuff.

Calgary's Children's Book Publishers Makes You Available On 50+ Platforms

You'll find tons of children's book publishing houses online, but they either don't cover all genres or often don't take you to the platform you wish for. But your craving days are over, as our kid's book publishers from Edmonton will do both. We swear to launch your book on the leading platforms regardless of genre. Sci-Fi, fairy tales, or poems, you'll only return with a 'Yes'!

Children's Book Publishers In Toronto Are Jack Of All Trades

Your 'best sellers' dream isn't possible with just publishing. But when we say we're exceptionally versatile, we mean it. We work tirelessly so your book gets the best prep before the actual launch. Whether it's editing, formatting, or cover designs, we handle all that with grace to boost your chance to fit the award-winning author throne instantly. After all, you're partnering with the best!

Earn Global Recognition At Affordable Prices With Internation Kids Book Publishers

Every author is fighting for the attention of kids and their parents. We're your chance to take your foot into the realm of exposure without messing with your budget. Your dream of publishing a children's book for cheap is granted as we have introduced the most affordable prices. Since economical pricing is our trait, you can also enter the lucky zone by grabbing exclusive deals.

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