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We’ve taken our name to the best eBook publishing platforms by specializing in everything from production to release. Here’s what we excel at besides eBook publishing services.

EBook Editing: Get used to high-quality manuscripts as our editors track down the errors. Be it the tiniest typo or a major grammatical mistake; all will be turned to dust instantly.

Perfecting Layout: We don’t just stuff the words into the dimensions, but brainstorm ways to make it appealing. Perfect margins, headings, and an improved body are the aftermath.

Cover Designing: Let your cover get the same energy as your story with us. Our covers are packed with a punch of energy, engaging fonts and a rousing color palette that intrigues.

Supreme Book Debut: If you wish to make your book roll out on the best-selling shelf, we’ll do that instantly. Outstanding reach and global recognition are just a tap away.

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Have you penned down an interesting tale and waiting for awards and recognition? That’s not how it works. You’ve got to partner with the best platform for eBook publishing. Spoiler alert – That’s us.

Your success journey starts with a quick search for the ‘best eBook publishing company near me’. Whether you are self-publishing an eBook or relying completely on us, we’ll get you the awards and sales in a snap.

Become An Award Winning Authoror
Connie Holmes
Connie Holmes
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Wilbur Greer
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Dan Spencer
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Cora Becker

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100% Transparency
100% Transparency

Nothing is hidden from you as we promote a crystal-clear process.

Swift Books Launch
Swift Books Launch

Reach multiple websites and bookstores in just 6 days only.

Competitive Pricing
Competitive Pricing

Our cheap and fair prices will never mess up with your budget.

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Expanded Reach

We make your tale hit global audiences so you get the desired reach.

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Experts At Disposal

Our client specialists are ready to answer your queries all day long.

Complete Privacy
Complete Privacy

We never leak any details, so all your information is protected.

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Whether your audience resides in Winnipeg or Edmonton, your book will reach them. Our eBook publishing services land books on the most famous eBook publishing platforms like Amazon, Kobo, Apple Books and more. Stir more people and get the maximum eyes on you by banking on a top eBook publishing company.

Publishing an eBook on Amazon was a cinch with them. Later, they launched me on other publishing sites, too. I’m a bestseller!

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It’s your love, support, and the dedication of our team that has made us one of the best Canadian eBook publishing companies. However, our clients reveal much more about what helps us rock the publishing world.

I was interested in their Barnes and Noble eBook publishing since everybody was raving about it. They literally published my book in 4 days at such a cheap cost. Amazing!

Writing and publishing an eBook with them has always been a great experience. I had to do nothing, and the distribution was done on time. They’re the most reliable in Calgary!

Amazon's self-publishing of my eBook was very tough, so I went for their team in Montreal. Not only did they do very fast, but they charged no royalty. I’m a best-selling author overnight!

No eBook self-publishing companies in Ottawa offered me an affordable deal like them. Prices were cheap, and the process was hassle-free. They did everything from start to finish.

After multiple failed attempts at self-publishing eBooks online, I took their help. They ensure to publish my book on multiple platforms. Everything was confidential till the very end.

Nobody is better at Amazon Kindle eBook publishing than them. Their eBook publishers were very professional, and my book faced no rejection. My sales have surged in Vancouver!

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Mystery Or Romance, Our Online EBook Publishers Are Great At Every Genre

Embarking on a self-publishing journey? Finding the right agency that covers your genre and is reliable will turn your hair grey. However, this chaos will bite the dust as we’ve arrived with our exceptional services. No genre is difficult for us. Whether comic, horror or fiction, we make every genre hit the best-selling milestone. Keep penning interesting tales, and our top publishers will do the rest.

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There’s only one thing between you and incredible sales – rejection. Every book goes through a lot of refusals since the competition is fierce. But now, you can reach any eBook publishing platform without any issues. Whether it's formatting or book cover design issues, we help you meet every criteria, so success only belongs to you. Your submissions will be accepted on the first try!

Toronto’s Amazon EBook Publishing That Amplifies Your Global Visibility

Every author wants to reach the peak of their career. That’s what we do by making your book the ‘biggie’. We don’t just take you on Amazon but help you conquer the highly acclaimed bookstores. This gets you the local’s attention, and book fanatics of beyond borders will become your die-hard fan. That’s how we made it to the list of best eBook publishing companies in Canada.

Only EBook Publishing In Canada That Promotes Royalty-Free Release!

The rising cost of self-publishing an eBook is one big issue. But the nightmare of profit sharing still ranks top on the charts. But here’s the glad tiding you’ve been waiting for – We offer 100% royalty-free services. No matter the genre or platform, you never have to share your revenues again. Even if you opt for Amazon book printing services, it’s only a one-time affordable fee that your pockets must bear.

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